VC4A Team Package

$2,028.00 / year

The Team Package is aimed at a team of max 4 users who manage a selection process internally and also want access to the rating and selection tools, including support from our team to set it up and onboard everyone in the system. We also add more promotion support in this package which is billed annually.

Ideal for: Investment Teams, Program Teams, Business Development Teams, Syndicates

You’ll love VC4A’s Team Package

Promote and Source

  • Launch campaign pages for programs and events
  • Support to set-up custom forms
  • Manage applications via dashboard
  • Access startup database to send invitations
  • Feature on platform
  • 1x VC4A newsletter feature per year
  • 8x VC4A social channel credits

Filter and Select

  • Efficient applicant assessment system
  • Download your data at all times
  • Set up of rating environment with 1 judging group
  • Benefit from a streamlined rating and ranking process
  • Reduce work load with bulk emails

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Do you want to know more about VC4A’s Team Package services? Maybe you are looking for a tailored solution? Feel free to contact the team to discuss your options. Contact us for details


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