VC4A Enterprise Package

$4,788.00 / year

The Enterprise Package is allowing groups to collaborate on the platform e.g. Angel investor groups and/or teams of evaluators to be involved in the rating and selection process, and we add a ‘personal invitation’ to 50 entrepreneurs who are selected from the VC4A database who meet the eligibility criteria.

Ideal for: Angel Investment Groups, Syndicates, Program Teams

You’ll love VC4A’s Enterprise Package

Promote and Source

  • Launch campaign pages for programs and events
  • Support to set-up custom forms
  • Manage applications via dashboard
  • Access startup database to send invitations
  • Feature on platform
  • 1x VC4A newsletter feature per year
  • 8x VC4A social channel credits
  • 50x personal invitations to startups selected by VC4A

Filter and Select

  • Efficient applicant assessment system
  • Download your data at all times
  • Set up of rating environment with 1 judging group
  • Benefit from a streamlined rating and ranking process
  • Reduce work load with bulk emails
  • Onboarding training sessions for (external) judges

Showcase and Connect

  • Program announcement on VC4A blog
  • Showcase cohort on VC4A blog and your page
  • Cohort feature in investor newsletter
  • 5x additional update articles on program page

Learn more

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